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DPA Simplified
The IC Office have recently launched their ‘Make Data Protection Simpler’ campaign. This is intended to simplify the law in order to help organisations understand its requirements and abide by its rules.
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November. 2003
The Court of Appeal has stated that simply mentioning someone in a document does not amount to “personal data” under the Data Protection Act

January 2004
The Bailiwick of Guernsey has been added to the European Union Commission's safe list for countries which provide adequate data protection

The Data Protection Act 1998
The Data Protection Act is mandatory. It is essential therefore that YOUR-COMPANY fully complies with it… not just to avoid prosecution and bad publicity, but to demonstrate to customers that YOUR-COMPANY operates with due diligence and responsibility. Also bear in mind that a breach of the act can lead to claims for compensation.

This website provided news and information on the act. It explains the eight principles behind the legislation, and gives clear definitions of may of the term sused. In addition, it provides guidelines for both subject access and data handling, which can be used as the basis of your own procedures and documentation.

Please note that the contents of this website constitute information only, and should not be construed in any circumstances to be legal advice or opinion

The Department for Constitutional Affairs have recently revamped their website. This includes an extended section of the Data Protection Act, with extensive coverage of individual rights.

This can be found at: www.dca.gov.uk/foi/datprot.htm

The DPA Forum
We now launched an interactive Q&A Forum dedicated to the Data Protection Act. This will enable discussion between visitors, and hopefully the opportunity for our resident experts to answer questions directly. Please feel free to participate.

The Data Protection Act Explained
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